Chipotle Forces Pure Thai Shophouse To Change Their Name

Pure Thai Shophouse FrontAs soon as Chipotle announced that they would be launching a new Asian fast food concept known as Shophouse, we knew this had to be coming… ML favorite, Pure Thai Shophouse (on 9th btw. 51+52nd) is now calling themselves Pure Thai Cookhouse. A call to the restaurant confirms that Chipotle did indeed set their legal hounds on the Hell’s Kitchen Thai spot forcing them to drop the “Shophouse” moniker. Although it was a sucker punch for this tiny Thai eatery, everything else, including the menu and ownership, is still the same as before.


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    I like to think that readers of this blog don’t frequent Chipotle, but if they do, this kind of behavior seems like a good reason you should stop eating there.

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    I’ve hated Chipotle since they moved in right next door to Mi Nidito, obvs trying to shut them down. They haven’t been successful so far, thank goodness.
    Everyone kept telling me how amazing the food was so I tried it and it was completely mediocre. Fuck Chipotle.
    Pure Thai is a gazillion times better.

  • This makes no sense to me.

    Unless the Thai place was named solely ‘Shophouse’ (which is wasn’t) and they named it AFTER Chipotle had secured the rights to the name (no idea) they should have no reason to be compelled to change their name

    Now if on the other hand Chipotle _PAID_ them to change their name, thats an entirely different matter. Did the Thai place get paid for the courtesy extended to Chipotle? I certainly hope this is the (happy happy) case……

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    I suspect the Thai place got a cease and desist letter from Chipotle that it could have litigated and won, but that it was not at all worth the legal expense to bother.

  • Shophouse? F-that. Damn Chipotle. I hope Pure Thai hangs a bunch of chipotle chilis by their door.

  • Screw Chipotle, their food is dreck.

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