Get In On ‘wichcraft’s Special Leg of Lamb Sandwich Before It’s Gone

'wichcraft rock center

I’ll admit that I enjoy a ‘wichcraft sandwich every now and then, even though they are on the spendier end of the ML spectrum. When I heard they were offering a this-week-only special sandwich featuring my favorite meat (lamb!) for $11.02, I had to go check it out to see if it was worth the extra $1 above and beyond the ML price limit.

'wichcraft special Lamb sandwich

Here’s the deal with the sandwich: roasted leg of lamb plus braised kale mixed with golden raisins and jalapenos, topped with lemon aioli made from their “signature lemon confit.”

I ordered my sandwich to-go and was pleasantly surprised when I picked up the takeout baggie and discovered that it was heavier than I was expecting. The lamb was tender and still slightly pink and the golden raisins mellowed out any bitterness from the braised kale. If you’re a heat-loving luncher, I don’t think that the jalepenos will wow you, but they were a tasty addition to the sandwich. However, if you are the slightest bit mayo-adverse, caveat emptor, there was a lot of the white stuff on the ‘wich.

The sandwich is available at all ‘wichcrafts in the city, but only until this Saturday, December 24th. If you work near the Rock Center branch, be sure to ask for the “Rock Center discount” (they’ve never asked me to actually show my Rock Center discount card, which is a good thing because it’s buried somewhere in my desk). With the discount that brings the sandwich total to $10.80 and for serious lamb lovers, 80 cents over the line for a limited-time sandwich seems like a worthy splurge. It’s the holidays!

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  • Are you saying that if you ask for the Rock Center discount you will save 22 cents?

    • You save 10%. I don’t know why the ‘wichcraft prices are odd numbers like $11.02, but tax is added to the final total.

  • Tried this today. It was a great sandwich, though the jalapenos were not discernable in any way. $11 is a little much, but worth trying.

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