New Mediterranean Grill Truck Pulls Up to 39th

We got a tip last week from Luncher Hengde about a brand new truck on 39th Street and Sixth Avenue and I just so happened to walk by it on Friday. I did a double take since the bright blue truck was a bit reminiscent of the Souvlaki GR truck (and I know they never come to Midtown). I already had my lunch in my hand so I was kicking myself I didn’t come this way earlier.

This new truck is generically named Mediterranean Grill and it looks as though the food is Turkish Halal. The guy running the truck was very friendly and told me they’ve been at this spot for the last two weeks. Once he saw me taking photos, he offered up that all the food is fresh, never frozen. They didn’t have any paper menus printed yet and I can’t seem to find a website or Twitter account, but I did get a shot of the display menu.

Food looks pretty standard with kebabs, gyros, and koftas. However, the addition of baklava and hummus look promising. And does anybody have any idea what a Shepherd Garden is? I’m hoping to try the food sometime this week. Anybody checked it out yet? Leave early reports in the comments.


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    Shepherd garden is a salad with diced tomatoes, cucumber and onions.

  • I was toying with making a sandwich today or going out. This settles it, but I make no guarantees of actually eating – that gyro/doner on their menu looks like processed basic indistinct street meat. If it’s real it merits a taste, but if it’s not, I’m going back to cold cuts.

  • Just a guess, but it looks like they’re two salads, shepherd salad and garden salad.

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    Just tried it. Got the Gyro Sandwich which is a combination of Beef and Lamb. It was good. Lots of meat and I got everything on it including hot sauce which is pretty darn hot. Well worth the $5.

  • 2nding fatappel. I was very, very happy with my gyro. I asked if I could half-and-half gyro and adana to taste, but he said he couldn’t – when I looked, I saw that they had whole skewers of adana, chicken adana, and kofte marinating in a see-through fridge in the truck where the drinks might otherwise go.

    That is FRESH. And yeah, $5 isn’t bad at all. I’ll probably be doing a full report if my pictures don’t suck too badly. Their plates look great – real rice pilaf with lots and lots of meat. Chef Samir/Comme Ci Comme Ca is the only real competitor in terms of flavor, but they beat him in value.

  • Finally got around to trying it yesterday. Got the chicken over rice small plate ($6). As mentioned, the meat is fresh and well seasoned, and they give a good amount. The rice is amazing too. On the side is a bit of lettuce/onion/tomato, nothing special. They also give you a pita, which is average quality. The only thing I’d say is that it left me a bit hungry after, relative to say the $6 chicken over rice from Comme Ci Comme Ca. I’d upgrade to the $8 size but for that amount I prefer a bit more variety in the meal, which is why I love the chickpeas/salad/olive&pepper mix from Chef Samir.

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    Just got the Chicken Gyro small plate. Very tasty and comparable in size to street meat carts. However the food is fresh (not like some of the frozen meat carts in the area). Very well seasoned tomatoes very ripe. White sauce was very tasty and light with a little citrus note to it. Rice was white and fluffy not seasoned or yellow. Overall very good. Guys were very nice as well and patient with all who had questions. Will go back. Much needed in this area.

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    Hey guys, anyone knows what happened to this truck?

    Since jan 2012 they are not at 39th and 6th anymore and so far nobody was able to inform me about their new location.

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