And The Winner of Free Glaze Teriyaki For a Year Is…

Receipt #1108.  So if you ate at Glaze Teriyaki yesterday (December 8th, 2011) and your receipt was #1108 you are the winner of the big contest celebrating their one year anniversary.  Email, and they will arrange for you to turn in your receipt and claim your prize.  Congrats!


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    Don’t forget to report the value of this illegal lottery prize as income on your tax returns!

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    1176 here.

    Was this contest audited by PWC?

    I had stopped by twice over the past year to try their teriyaki and both times was ignored and ended up walking out.

    Yesterday was the first time I actually made a purchase to get a lottery ticket. Speaking of service, right after I ordered at 2:30pm, their Seamless Web machine started repeating endlessly that they had a new order. It turned out that they were just printing out orders from 1:15pm! Customers were calling and asking where their food was. It was a comedy show. I guess it could have been the fault of Seamless.

    Back to the food. I had pork, brown rice, and paid the extra $1 for “extra spicy”. I’m glad I got the extra spicy, I thought it was much better than their regular sauce that I assume is what is in the bottle on the counter that you can take to go (right next to the Huy Fong)…I took a container to go and didn’t care for the taste of it. The extra spicy had a lot of pepper chunks in it and produced a nice slow burn in my mouth. Both sauces are ladened with sodium, which really isn’t my thing, so I probably won’t be eating there often anyway.

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