Cinnamon Snail is Due in Midtown Tomorrow!


For those of you eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Cinnamon Snail Truck, here’s some just in news from Chef Adam: “After two full years, finally The Cinnamon Snail food truck is fully permitted for NYC. We will be serving many neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn starting this Thursday 12/8/11 with an appearance for brunch and lunch in Midtown West. The exact location will be announced via social media when we are parked.” For locations and specials, follow them on twitter @VeganLunchTruck. If you want to see Cinnamon Snail near you, check out their Facebook page. They are taking a vote about locations. Come on fellow Midtown Lunchers, can I count on you to help rock the vote for midtown?


  • Anything my mother can get excited about is not for me. No vegans please.

  • Only Sarah is excited for this.

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    Sadly, The Cinnamon Snail is being run out of Hoboken by the crooked local politicians. I hope they fare better in NYC as their items are delicious and unlike most vegan food outlets I’ve come across, not preachy or pretentious.

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    Hoboken city council is really trying to screw the food trucks. Trying to charge thousands of dollars in fee’s and add GPS trackers to all trucks. The discussion has been pulled from the most recent city council meeting but it’s bound to come down the pipe sometime soon. I would imagine sometime before next spring/summer.

  • DAMMIT! I just blew my eating-out lunch money at mooncake yesterday! I have to eat the stupid soup I brought from home today. Unfair.

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