Pitopia is Now Open and Giving Away Free Salad

Remember the signage that went up back in April for Pitopia, the new hummus and falafel bar on Broadway and 37th?  Well, they are finally open and looking to get some feedback during their pre-grand opening/training phase… so, anybody who mentions Midtown Lunch today (Monday, 11/28) will get a free small salad from the salad and pickles bar (a $4.95 value) with the purchase of any falafel or hummus bowl.  Freeloading falafel lovers, prepare to engage.

Curious about the menu?  Check it out after the jump.

Pitopia, 1369 Broadway. 212-792-6765


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    how much is a hummus bowl?

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    If someone has tried the hummus, please give some feedbacks. Thanks! :)

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    does that mean falafel sandwich or hummus bowl? or hummus bowl or falafel bowl?

  • I’m quite impressed by the quality of food they’re putting out. Seriously, my opinion is that they’re head and shoulders above and superior to Maoz. If I get the pita craving they’re going to be my first stop over them. A buck or two cheaper, too, I think.

    Hopefully the Powers that Be see fit to post my review, here’s hoping.

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      Did you order from them today?

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      what would you recommend?

      • The falafel was very good. Not the greatest I’ve ever had but it’s better than Maoz.

        Just get a full falafel sandwich, load it up with toppings, and then put it in the box – not the other way around, IMO.

        Can’t speak for the hummus but I make hummus by the food processorful at home so I don’t really buy it. I’m sure it’s not terrible.

        Not to be missed: the eggplant salad, green spicy tomato sauce, and extra pickles. SO MANY EXTRA PICKLES. Just a little dab of garlic sauce across the top will do you.

        Their pitas are big fluffy deals, though – not the anemic Toufayan surplus they give at Maoz. One full size falafel sandwich WILL fill you up.

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    This is definitely my favorite falafel place in the city. I really like the humus it’s better than most other places I’ve been to. This place is definitely a great lunch place. I’d recommend it!

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