Pitopia Coming Soon to an Already Crowded Falafel Area of Midtown

With Maoz, Crisp, Olympic Pita, and Pick a Pita all within a few blocks of each other, you’d think that the area around 7th Ave. in the high 30s would be all falafeled out. Not so says Pitopia! Thanks to luncher Alvin for sending along the photo of this new spot going into 37th and Broadway… although we’re a bit perplexed by the name. Shouldn’t it be PitaPita. Or Pita-topia? Pitopia is fine I guess, provided nobody confuses it with the Petopia. (That would not be a tasty lunch.) No word on when this place will open, and there’s no more info available on the interwebs… but we’ll let you know as soon as we know more.


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