Did You Know Magdy’s Does Cheesesteak Over Rice?


You can always count on Magdy’s Cheesesteak Cart (46th btw Park + Lex) to have a line, always about a dozen people deep. I know they’re famous for their cheesesteaks and have been meaning to give it a try. But whenever I try a new street meat cart I can’t help but get the chicken and lamb over rice.   If only there was a way to combine the two…


Figuring that I could try their cheesesteak another time I went with Magdy’s lamb and chicken over rice, which just didn’t hit the spot like a good plate of street meat would. I pretty much agree with what Zach had thought of their chicken. The chunks of white meat were dry and boring. The lamb was okay, nothing spectacular, and their hot sauce had no heat whatsoever. It was a pretty disappointing plate of food.


But a week later I found myself standing in line at Magdy’s again, I had to try their cheesesteak. Everyone in line was getting the cheesesteak sandwich, but I had to try the cheesesteak over rice ($5.50). Yes that’s right. I got beef with melted cheese over rice and topped it off with white, hot and bbq sauce. I could see why people would like their cheesesteaks. The slices of beef were thin and quite good. It totally reminded me of the beef from Onya’s beef bowls. They were thin enough to easily tear apart. If I go back again, I’ll probably tell them to go easy on the white sauce (or ask for extra cheese if that’s possible) because the slices of cheese had pretty much melted and were mixed into the sauces. I wasn’t able to taste any cheese at all but this plate was much more enjoyable than their lamb and chicken over rice.

Magdy’s Cheesesteak Cart, SE corner of 46th & Park Ave.

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    I have been having the lamb and cheesesteak combo over rice for years here. A good and alternative option to chicken and lamb over rice.

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