Pie Face To Offer Australian Meat Pies In Midtown

It looks like Australian meat pies are coming to Midtown. Lunch’er Hightemp emailed in this tip yesterday:

Was out walking the dog when I passed by the corner of 53rd & Broadway. The space used to be the CBS store and is two storefronts down from the Steak & Shake moving in next to Letterman.

Apparently Its becoming something called Pie Face Bakery & Cafe. Based on the logo/coloring it seems to be a NYC branch of an Australian Meat Pie / Sandwich / Pie shop.

Based on the logo on Pie Face’s website, it looks like he’s on to something. If you’ve tried these pies in Australia, let us know what we can expect in the comments!

Pie Face, 53rd & Broadway


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    True meat pies are one of the biggest things I miss from living in Australia. They really are a great snack when on the run. The traditional meat pie really is the way to go or maybe a stack with mashers and gravy or peas.

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    I was in Australia last year on business & picked up Pie Face for breakfast pie on a Saturday morning in Sydney.

    The one I had was filled (so the crust was on the top as well) with scrambled eggs, bacon & cheese. Like the pies in the UK, the crust was nice & flaky.

    The place was pretty small & only a few blocks from the harbor, so I took it to go & had it with a cup of coffee overlooking the Opera House. Definitely worthwile (although after the previous night’s drinking, probably anything with eggs bacon and cheese would have tasted good).

    I’ll definitely make the walk over to see if they translate 1/2 way around the world.

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    went to Australia in April, i may have eaten pie face twice a day when I was there.. usually open 20 hours a day and it will be the new drunk food spot in manhattan, can’t wait

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