Nuchas Is Now Open In Times Sq

As we reported earlier this week, Nuchas opened for business today, although you might not be able to tell because of the giant trucks and cranes parked right in front of their window. (They are thrilled, let me tell you.) The gourmet empanada kiosk joins Salume and Snack Box in the Times Square pedestrian walkways.

The kiosk is currently serving breakfast, offering several kinds of pastries ($3 each) and espresso shots (also $3). Starting at 11 a.m., lunch will bring six kinds of empanadas. Early adopters, let us know what you think!

Nuchas, Broadway btwn 44th-45th Streets in Times Square


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    So the empanadas are good! They’re a little on the small side, just so you know, and the dough is more delicate and flaky than other empanadas I’ve tried in the city, which is the best thing about them. I got the 2 veggie kinds: porto(spinach/portobello/mozzarella) and spicy cheese(assorted cheeses/caramelized onions). The cheese was the better one–you could really taste the onions–and it was unabashedly spicy. The spinach filling was good but kind of soupy, like a creamed spinach with a bit of mushroom.

  • Nuchas & Snack Box are definitely a great addition to Times Square. The empanadas are definitely on the small side, but they’re still delicious.

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