Nuchas Opening Friday In Times Sq?

First there was Salume, then there was Snack box. Now, there will be Nuchas! Lunch’er Mike sent us a tip that a kiosk called Nuchas is setting up in Times Square to sell gourmet empanadas. According to the Nuchas Facebook page, we can expect six varieties, including Argentine (ground beef, onions, peppers, scallion), short rib, pulled pork, porto (portobello mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella), spicy cheese and capresse.

They’re definitely not open yet, as they are painting the entire street from 44th to 45th street blue today. But, the nice folks inside the Nuchas box said they’d be opening on Friday. Based on Snack Box’s precedent, I wouldn’t hold my breath, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be stopping by to check out their progress!

Nuchas, Broadway btwn 44th-45th Streets in Times Square

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