Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck Now Serving Lobster Mac & Cheese and Shrimp Chowder

Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck

Where has the fall gone? While Madison Square Eats may be over until spring, two new menu items that debuted at Madison Square Eats: shrimp chowder and lobster mac & cheese are now on the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck!

Shrimp Chowder

Like RHLP’s shrimp roll, the shrimp chowder ($6) is made with real Maine shrimp, which are smaller, sweeter and more tender than the imported shrimp that usually makes its way into restaurant fare. The soup is buttery with a hint of lemon and little chunks of potatoes and pieces of corn. If you’re a soup fan and like their shrimp roll this is worth a try, but alas it’s not filling enough for lunch without some augmentation.

Lobster Mac and Cheese from Red Hook Lobster Truck

On a separate visit I tried the lobster mac & cheese ($9) which was rich, creamy and made more a much more filling lunch. The cup you get is about an 8 oz serving and there were a number of meaty lobster pieces throughout the dish. Instead of elbows it’s made with a larger elbow-like pasta, I want to say maybe a Pipe Rigate (sort of snail shaped pasta with lines). Whatever the pasta shape was it does a good job soaking up the mixed cheese sauce.

Torching the Mac and Cheese

Right before serving they blow torch the top to melt the cheese.

While lobster mac & cheese has been cropping up on the menu at upscale restaurants around the city, I’ve never seen it offered for less than $10. Full on win. They also have a New England clam chowder that I haven’t had a chance to try yet. Early adopters let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck is parked on 47th & Lex today, but you’ll want to check twitter @lobstertruckny or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


  • So happy! I thought these lobster trucks would call it a season when the weather got cold. I’m glad they’re sticking around like new items on the menu.

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    I can’t wait to try this. I love mac and cheese.

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    I tried the mac and cheese yesterday. It was just okay–I was hoping for more from RHLP. It consisted of macaroni and cheese with 3 pieces of lobster claw meat on top. I had expected to see the lobster meat baked into/distributed throughout the mac and cheese. And the serving size doesn’t leave you full–I needed to supplement lunch with a salad from my office cafeteria.

  • Agree with Sixth Ave… not a true Lobster Mac & Cheese.. and not enough. Oh well, guess I can’t expect it like Capitol Grill

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    Capitol Grill’s lobster mac and cheese is one of the best I’ve had…but it’s definitely above ML price limits!

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    I do agree that the one from Capitol Grill is very good, but seeing how this version is less than $10 I think there’s some flexibility to be had…

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