Red Hook Lobster Pound’s Shrimp Roll Hook Up is the Best Deal

Red Hook Lobster Pound signage

When I first heard about the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck coming to midtown I quickly called dibs on trying their shrimp roll. Why? Because it’s made with cold water Maine shrimp. These sweet little Maine shrimp are AWESOME (New York mag called them the “antithesis of the big bland jumbo variety”. With their short season, you don’t normally get them outside of Maine (Luke’s Lobster Truck packs a shrimp roll as well). And the shrimp roll is a nice alternative if you’re not feeling flush enough to spring for the lobster roll.

Two weeks ago we gave you a peek at the Connecticut and Maine lobster rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck. For all their deliciousness, at $16 a pop they are well into the ML splurge category. The shrimp roll, however, is not.

Shrimp Roll close up

The roll itself is $8.50 ($.50 more than the shrimp roll from Luke’s) and the shrimp is “tossed with roasted garlic and tarragon mayo.” The roll had a small amount of shredded lettuce and a few scallions sprinkled on top. The tarragon gives it a light sweetness that may not appeal to everyone (I know in my own family tarragon is a love it or hate it herb).

RHLP Truck Shrimp Roll Hook Up

If you’re in the pro-tarragon camp and you opt for the roll, I highly recommend upgrading to the hook up ($11) which gets you a Maine Root soda and Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar Chips. Add an extra buck (we’re up to $12 now) and you can get a Robicelli’s whoopie pie for a complete meal that’s still $4 shy of the price of just a lobster roll. Great deal. Very filling. Doesn’t feel quite so extravagant as paying $16 for a lobster roll and it still transports you to sunny Vacationland.

The RHLP Truck was not on the street yesterday, but it should be back on 47th and Lex today. As always check the ML Twitter Tracker or their twitter page @Redhooklobster before you head out.


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    got their at 130 and shrimp was long gone id assume since there was no line at all.

  • Got the shrimp hook-up early yesterday, and this is definitely getting into the rotation. Love the heavy hand on the tarragon. And the whoopie pie closed the deal.

  • Tried it. All I have to say is “whatever.” It’s OK. It’s not really a meal unless you’re dying for a shrimp roll.

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    No line at 1:45. Definitely a ML splurge for the Lobster Roll hookup at $19 (Maine Lobster Roll, Maine root ginger brew and Cape Cod chips). Roll turned up dry; I’d pass and definitely go for the tarragon mayo shrimp per above.

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