Lunch Links (The “Coconut Ramen” Edition)

Tabata Ramen. Photo courtesy of Food in Mouth.
  • The namesake ramen at Tabata is coconut flavored!? [Food in Mouth]
  • Get 40% off dinner at Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote [Chubby Chinese Girl]
  • Who Eats at Sarge’s Deli? [Eater]
  • Cinnamon Snail is coming to NYC [Gothamist]
  • The Lunch Box Buffet’s pork buns are surprisingly decent [Me So Hungry]
  • It appears as if the Subway Inn has closed for good [Eater]


  • FYI, the Tabata ramen they spoke of is indeed very good – it’s unique. Closer to a coconut-milky tom yum than a ramen, but still delicious. It is very definitely not spicy unless you have an extremely, extremely low spice tolerance. It’s a tasty change of pace, though.

  • Ramen was perfect for today! Somehow I’d missed Tabata.

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