Fried Spaghetti Balls at Pizza by Cer Te

Pizza by Cer Te

My last visit to Pizza by Certe (56th btw Park+Lex) not only yielded a slice of Tony Manero, but also something I had been seeking out ever since it popped up in the forums over the summer, fried spaghetti balls. Fried spaghetti balls are not frequent, but not regular, menu item meaning you might not get to score one every time you visit. I learned this the hard way having stopped by Pizza by Certe a few times looking for them. For those of you who did get to try the spaghetti sandwich from M. Wells and loved it, these should definitely be on your to-eat list!

Fried Spaghetti Ball

When you first get the fried spaghetti and cut into them, you may not immediately see the strands. I thought my order had gotten messed up since it looked like a rice ball and they had forgotten to smoother mine in marinara sauce. The marinara sauce is a definite do on these. Once you dig in though, you’ll be eating perfectly cooked spaghetti with a little bit of cheese and fried golden crust. Adding one of these ($2.50) onto a slice should satiate most of us for the afternoon, including a little bit of a food coma.

Pizza by Certe, 132 East 56th St. (btw. Park+Lex)


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