Pizza by Cer Te’s Tony Manero is a Double Stack of Deliciousness

The Tony Manero

Did you know that October was National Pizza Month? I didn’t. Not until I found out the Pizza by Cer Te (56th btw Park+Lex) was celebrating this underrated holiday by serving up a special pie all month long, The Tony Manero. That would be John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever for you young’ins. This pie is special in a truly unique way: it’s a double-stack. Two margherita pies sandwiched together basically means you’re getting two of Cer Te’s crazy good pizza slices for $4. But does it really stack up?

The Tony Manero

The pie itself doesn’t look like much when you see it in the case. If anything, you’ll mistake it for a calzone of some sort, complete with a little cheese and herbs on top. It isn’t until your first bite that you truly recognize the ridiculous deliciousness that comes with eating two slices at once. They don’t skimp on the fresh, quality mozzarella in the middle, so do expect a little of it to be oozing out. Luckily, Pizza by Cer Te isn’t heavy-handed on their sweet marinara sauce making sure it doesn’t overpower the cheese or crust. And having two of their salty, chewy crust as your last bites is definitely a good thing. My only complaint was that it wasn’t hot enough for me, but that’s my own fault as I didn’t request it “extra hot.” One slice of this double slice is definitely enough for a satisfying lunch, but no one will blame you if you eat two.

Pizza by Certe, 132 East 56th St. (btw. Park+Lex)


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    This sounds seriously delicious. How could two pizza slices instead of one NOT be??

  • How much for the Tony slice?
    I could just do my own with dollar slices. :P

    Disco and the movie was before my time but I do know he stacked them on top of each other and not faced down to one another like a sandwich.

    “Two, two. Give me two. That’s good.”

    Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive…

  • I tried this recently. It’s pretty good, though not my style. I also had a white slice which I enjoyed. I haven’t been to Pizza by Certe in a while, so I didn’t realize they changed to more customary size and look pizza. I enjoyed the food I got.

    The biggest problem is the beverage choices. They are basically all soft drinks or over priced water. Still worth a visit, especially if you bring your own drink.

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