Lunch Links (The “Shio, Street Meat, and Sliders” Edition)

Shio Ramen from Tabata. Photo courtesy of Lauren Shockey

  • Lauren Shockey really likes the shio ramen at Tabata [Fork in the Road]
  • Comme Ci Comme Ca is 2% of the price of Per Se [Food in Mouth]
  • Something has changed at Cafe Zaiya, and not for the better [Tasty Eating]
  • Burger Joint and Taim Mobile have two of the worst lines in NYC [Eater]
  • Try the nylon khaman at Bombay Fast Food (fka Taj Delhi Chat) [Fork in the Road]
  • The sliders at Bill’s Bar & Burger are excellent [A Hamburger Today]
  • The Treats Truck brick and mortar is also going to sell b’fast and lunch!? [Zagat]
  • Check out this video of Zach talking to Adam Roberts about the beginnings of ML [AG]

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    Looking at the post on Comme Ci Comme Ca that changed their lettuce! They’ve gone from beautiful mixed greens to chopped romaine. I hope with the increased patronage their quality doesn’t slip. I haven’t been back since receiving the crown of best street meat this year for fear of the lines.

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