International Gourmet Kitchen Is Now Open

Photo courtesy of @discskyer

We’ve gotten a few tips about the newly opened IGK (International Gourmet Kitchen) on 8th Ave. btw. 35+36th, including this one from Lunch’er Mark:

It’s kind of like a Guy & Gallard, only with better/more varied options and more reasonably priced. They’ve got the standard salad station and burger grill, but there’s also pasta options, stir fry/rice bowls, burritos, sandwiches, and more. The space is clean and airy with seating upstairs, and I was very surprised by how reasonable the prices were. Yesterday I got myself a cheeseburger, fries and a can of soda for $8.

And we hear there are asian noodles and rice bowls in the back. Has anybody been yet? Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.


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    Went there today. I got the chicken cutlet curry rice bowl and my friend got the chicken yakisoba (both around $7). Decent and might go back again, but nothing to write home about.. My curry was more of a Thai type curry than anything, so it was light and had potatoes, carrots and onions vs Go Go Curry style. Smelled better than it tasted and edible but I wouldn’t order it again. My friend liked the yakisoba better though.

  • I went in and was going to try a burger. Then I walked up to the line and saw a pan of pre-cooked burgers sitting in a pool of grease. Seems like they are re-heating those burgers (which look small anyways). No thank you. The make your own burritos looked a bit more promising, but seeing IGK is 2-1/2 blocks from Five Guys and 4 blocks from Schnippers, I think the burgers are a pass.

  • I walked in, and I was as unimpressed as I am by _any_ of these places, but I might try them for lunch today (working on a weekend)… but if I want a burger, I agree with Kopper! All the other delis/ salad bars offer burger options, so I’m sure they need to… but I’d rather even go to the McDonald’s across the street for a reliable burger fix if I can’t afford Five Guys or Schnippers.

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