Potbelly’s Dreambar Will Be a Dream For Some, Nightmare For Others


After tasting two of Potbelly’s three dessert options–I’m not counting the mini cookies as a real option–and being greatly surprised with the taste and quality of their cookies, I was anxious to try out the last dessert, the Dreambar. The Dreambar is a bar equivalent of their Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie in that it’s filled with chocolate chips and rolled oats. But there are some major differences that will steer you towards one or the other.

Potbelly's Dreambar

First, the bar is partly held together near the edge by some gooey apple taffy that tastes almost like an apple caramel. This gives the bar a distinctly, and almost overwhelming, sweet taste. Another difference is the use of shortening in the bar. When you use shortening in desserts, it stops the dessert from spreading, but it coats the inside of your mouth leaving you with a greasy mouth feel. Some people don’t mind this, some people even like this. The Dreambar isn’t heavy on the shortening, but it’s definitely there. I don’t know if it’s from the shortening, or simply the dense mass of the bar, but the whole bar felt heavy to me, like lead in my stomach. This is a dessert that I would probably stop eating halfway through, but not because it doesn’t taste good. If you’re a fan of bars or the oatmeal chocolate chip combination, this is definitely something to try out. But if you’re more of a cookie person, like myself, you’ll want to stick with those.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop has two locations in Midtown.  One on 44th btw. Lex+3rd and one in the Rock Center Concourse.


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