Free Samples From the ICCC in Times Sq Today?

This just in from Lunch’er Rachel…

Just like last year, the International Chinese Culinary Competition has taken over the the 46-to-47th street block of Times Square and today is the finals. ¬†Technically food is for ticket holders only, but yesterday they were handing out samples to bystanders while the chefs were cooking, and there are stalls surrounding the competition, mostly on the west side of the street that were also giving food tastings and product samples of various Chinese eats.¬†They’re just setting up now and the noodle stall definitely appears to be prepping samples (and the others seem to be following suit.) They haven’t started the cooking competition portion yet though so samples from that is unclear. Unfortunately the weather today is pretty crappy for an outdoor event but if there are free nibbles, I’m in!


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