‘wichcraft to Sell $5 “Happier Meals” on Friday

This Saturday, Slow Food USA has challenged everybody around the country to get together with friends and family for a “slow food” meal that costs under $5 per person- because as they say “slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food”.  Well, ‘wichcraft has decided to step up to the plate to help make it happen… and they’re doing it a day early! (So that Midtown lunchers can enjoy the spoils.)  On Friday, September 16th all 13 ‘wichcraft locations in Manhattan will be selling their signature roasted eggplant, zucchini, ricotta cheese and arugula sandwich, with a side of marinated chickpeas and a 12 oz unsweetened Mighty Leaf iced tea for just $4.82.  Hard to argue with that…


  • cheap veggie sandwich? yes there is a lot to argue about. ML is not about healthy lunches!

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    Ummm sorry Steve, but why isn’t ML about healthy lunches some of the time as long as they are tasty and affordable? I was very excited to discover the Tazy Halal cart by my office earlier this week due to ML, and I’m equally excited to see this. Coverage of tasty & affordable healthy food is not the focus point of this blog, I get that, but I don’t understand why a great deal from an establishment that uses high quality products should be looked down upon by many of the regulars on here.

    • i guarantee this “deal” will leave you hungry.

      wichcraft gets a lot of love from the writers of ML but I’m not sure how much of that love is shared by the readers.

      • because a “roasted eggplant, zucchini, ricotta cheese and arugula sandwich” does not appeal to me quite as much as say, chicken/lamb over rice with white sauce and hot sauce. and i’m with steve, i doubt it’ll be a “great deal” when you have to go out again 30 min later to have a “real” lunch.

      • oops…meant that as a reply to mumurthigal…

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        Dang, it’s one thing to be a lonely fat loser, but you’re actually hating on the very idea of others paying attention to vegetarian meal? Do you really need to see tons of posts demarcating the largely uniform (but yeah, delicious) world of “chicken/lamb over rice with white sauce and hot sauce”? That is ONE DISH. Fucking sad.

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    To Steve and locondcoco– I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I just wish that the limited coverage these kind of items got on ML wasn’t treated so badly by the regular commenters. I suspect there are a lot of lurkers like me.

    And both halal and this sandwich sound equally tasty to me– plus I doubt I will be hungry a half hour later, because one halal plate is usually two meals for me. *shrugs*

    • dont get me wrong, i’m not against healthy food at all. and in fact will prefer it, if available, usually. i’m just more of a meat eater. plus you posed the question: “why isn’t ML about healthy lunches some of the time as long as they are tasty and affordable?” and my response more was that i can’t see this deal being very tasty, and is only affordable because of this deal. otherwise, its on the pricey side. i’ve also had something against witchcraft because i feel its overpriced most of the time.

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        Totally agree on ‘wichcraft being overpriced in general– I like their food but I can rarely justify buying it for the price. I do find their sandwiches to be tasty, but I understand they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

        I guess my comment came across a little frustrated not specifically for any dislike of ‘wichcraft, but the general attitude any time a post about a non-meat centric/non-food truck/cart post is made.

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    I am a total pig that can eat huge amounts of food. But I also appreciate a good veggie lunch quite often. I’ll try this witchcraft special and report back, in all honesty, whether I was hungry an hour later. We shall see, you curmudgeonly carnivores!

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    You’d think if ‘wichcraft truly believed in the principle of the slow food challenge, they’d be offering that meal at that price EVERY day.

    The next morning they’ll be back to charging $7.75 for a bacon egg and cheese on a roll.

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      This I totally agree with– I don’t eat at ‘wichcraft often because it is overpriced. Perhaps they can’t sustain charging under $5 for a whole meal, but under $5 for a sandwich on a regular basis would be a great change to see from them.

      • Agreed. Haven’t tried them yet. I might have to give this deal a shot. It sounds good. I eat vegetarian dishes some days. (But I love halal food with hot sauce and white sauce too.) But I’m not likely to go back on a regular basis unless they offer a similar deal frequently.

  • Yeah, but they’re charging twelve dollars for a napkin.

    That’s how they get you, see.

  • If they make this a regular thing, I’d be happy. It is nice to take a break from meat once or twice a week and have something like this. I’m not worried about getting hungry 30 minutes later, the combo is ~700 calories so it should be fine for lunch. Well, provided I take a walk by the vending machine for peanut m&m’s a couple hours later.

  • Sandwich is huge and tasty albeit messy. Needed some salt. Chickpea salad nicely spiced. All in all a great deal.

    Steve will get filled up by this, especially when he eats his words as a side

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    For $5 that was pretty good. Also, it’s a lot bigger than the lunches I normally eat. lol

    Am I going to go back there? Not unless they have something like this again.

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    I tried to get this at the one in Greeley Square around 12:30 and they said the sandwiches hadn’t been delivered yet. Seriously disappointing for me.

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