Potbelly Rock Center Opens Today

Just a friendly reminder in case you missed the news on Monday. The Rock Center Concourse branch of Potbelly Sandwich opens today.  And if you decide to order a ham sandwich, make sure you splurge for the double meat.


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    Went to Potbelly’s for lunch today. Line was out the door but moved quickly and efficiently. There was a person with a tablet computer taking orders on line and when you got to the counter, your sandwich had already been through the toaster and was ready for toppings. Was a huge amount of staff there; I talked to the cashier and he said there was staff there from Chicago and Philly who were on hand to help open the store.

    My turkey sandwich (with double meat, thanks to ML’s recommendation) was absolutely delicious. The bread and meat were very fresh. My only complaint is that the mayo was too heavy (I asked for light mayo) and the pickles were few and far between.

    I was impressed with Potbelly’s opening day performance. It is a welcome addition to the Rockefeller Concourse dining scene.

  • what that sammy run you? ($)

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    The regular sandwich was $5.50 and double turkey was an additional $1.80. The total with tax was $7.95. It was filling and I didn’t feel the need to have anything else for lunch. I will admit it was hard to resist one of Potbelly’s delicious shakes.

  • sounds good. and the bread looks good which to me is the key to a good ‘wich

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