Famous Dal Wagon’s Puri Bhaji is a Great Side Dish

Famous Dal Cart

A few weeks ago, Brownie discovered that Famous Dal Wagon (on 39th+6th) was offering Puri Bhaji, something neither of us had ever had. Well my curiosity finally got the best of me and I can say her nut allergy worries shouldn’t have been a concern. Puri Bhaji is definitely one of the better lunch deals around town, especially if you’re looking for a lighter Indian lunch.

Puri Bahji

The puri is the puffed unleavened bread on the right side, and the bhaji is the chickpea and potato stew to the left. Inside the Puri is a dusting of yellow curry spices including a generous amount of tumeric. While I liked the puri, the bhaji is the subsistence of the meal, perfectly cooked chickpeas with soft diced potato chunks that had taken on a good amount of flavor from the various spices in the stew. My favored way to eat the dish was placing a bit of the bhaji on the puri. Underneath the bhaji was a small serving of spicy garlic pickles which was tasty on its own and when placed on the puri. The dish is available as 2 for $3, 4 for $5, and might be best as a side for a larger lunch.

Famous Dal Wagon, NE Corner of 39th & 6th


  • go to Saravanna Bhavan for some real puris. Bigger than your head!

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    I miss the truck that was here before. But not just the truck in general, but this one particular cook that was there. When they had this one particular cook in the truck, the food tasted really, really good. I got this paneer kati roll and it was sweet and spicy at the same time and the cheese was nice and soft. All the flavors were evenly distributed throughout the roll leaving no gaps. Then when I got a potato roll once it was the same thing. Just pure heaven. I shared both of them with someone and each time I regretted having to give up any piece of it.

    Then this cart came to be and it’s just not the same. I don’t know what happened to the cook who had the magic touch, but now he’s gone and it’s just not the same to me anymore.

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      I agree, I really liked the cart there before. Their rice and dal special was really solid and a ton of food for $5

  • Is the same cart that used to be on 32nd and Park a while ago? This picture shows different decorations. Also it used to be run by some dudes, wasn’t it?

  • The dish sounds promising. I would happily dine!
    I wonder how this measures up to doubles.

  • Just spent a week in India and this was served as breakfast food everywhere we went.

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