Famous Dal Wagon Spotted in Midtown West

Famous Dal Wagon

On Wednesday as I was walking back from lunch I passed the “Famous Dal Wagon” parked on the NE corner of 39th and 6th. I was on maternity leave last summer when this cart first made an appearance in midtown, so this was my first sighting. But from what I can gather it looks like they are tricked out with a new look and promoting specials other than dal.
Famous Dal Wagon Side view

As much as it says “Famous Dal Wagon” it seemed to be all about the “Puri Bhajji” which are 2 for $3 or 4 for $5. I recognized the puri to be small puffy fried dough (big fan), but I wasn’t sure what the bhajji involved, from one of the photographs it looked like some sort of curried potatoes. Unfortunately the guy behind the cart that day wasn’t able to shed any further light on this–his answer to any question I asked was yes. I would love to have given it a try but I have a nut allergy and since I couldn’t clarify if there were any nuts, I had to give it a skip. If you’ve had a chance to check out this dish let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Famous Dal Wagon, NE Corner of 39th & 6th


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    From the part of India I’m from, “bhajji” refers to a sort of tempura vegetable snack– potatoes, plaintains, onions and peppers are dipped into a chickpea batter and fried. Not sure if that’s what they’re referring to here!

  • I don’t know about the Puri Bhajji, but their food in general is just about the worst Indian food I have ever seen in my life. It was so bad I threw it out.

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    i just went there and tried it. its actually pretty tasty.

    the puri is the Fried puffed indian bread, it has a lentil and spices filling in it.

    the bhajji is chickpeas and potatoes.

    not sure why jonmiz says it was bad. did you even take a bite or just threw it away since you did not like how it looked?

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    this cart belongs to the same yellow desi truck owner. he is there today.

    as far as nuts allergy, i don’t think there are any nuts in the puri bhaji. its delicious, just try it. plus the owner is there to answer your questions.

  • I just got their veg + rice special for $6, 2 vegs, dal, potatoes, and a pickle over rice. Pretty tasty, good quality but he didn’t put a huge amount of vegs over the rice, so I’m not very filled. But works for days when you aren’t very hungry I’d say. The owner is really a nice guy too.

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