Contributor Stalking (The “$18 For a Drink?!” Edition)

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (We’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Wonton and brisket noodles at Mee Sum Cafe. Photo by Donny.

Brian broke the bank on an $18 cocktail at Lamb’s Club, Blondie also got a little spendy at Coolhaus with a $6 ice cream sandwich, Souvlaki GR’s brick and mortar shop took Brownie on a quick trip to Greece, Donny checked out the old school hospitality in Chinatown’s Mee Sum Cafe, Chris H checked out the Chinatown Duck Burger at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in Napa Valley and I’m writing this from Peru, where I had a tasty pork sandwich at Juanito’s in Cuzco.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Andrea tried the classic banh mi at Nicky’s Downtown, Jamie found a pho alternative at Thang Long in Philly, and Zach tracked down an All You Can Eat Japanese buffet in Downtown L.A.


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    Not ML related but I will now be stalking your blog (UltraClay) to get some ideas – I’m going to Cuzco>MP>Lima>BA>Iguazu>Rio mid-september.

  • Awesome! I did Cuzco & Machu Picchu last week, now in Lima and off to BA next week, then Brasil after that. I’m probably getting back just aroundw hen you start your trip.

    You can see up to the minute photos on my Tumblr and random other stuff on my Twitter: @UltraClay.

    Safe travels!

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