New Wall St. Burger Truck Pops Up on 55th As Others Are Getting Kicked Out

Thanks to Lunch’er Harry for posting this little tip in the forums… a new burger truck popped up on 55th and Park Ave. on Friday called Wall St. Burgers. All we know is what’s on their website. Grass fed angus burgers, crispy chicken wings, tempura battered onion rings, seasoned curly fries, and it’s called Wall St. Burgers because the owner quit his job on Wall Street to open the truck (a storyline we’re starting to get a little sick of, but we’ll reserve total judgement until we taste the burgers.)

Ironically enough, while this new truck was testing the waters of Midtown East, a few older trucks were getting kicked out of their spots…

From Lunch’er Emily:

I just spoke with JP from Papa Perrone who was asked to leave from his regular spot on 55th between Park and Mad. Lately there has been a big influx of trucks in the area (Luke’s on Park and Crisp parking in front of him on 55th) and he had mentioned that they were drawing negative attention. So they have! He was asked to leave today around noon but he’s sticking through the day…not sure what next week holds though… I am pretty sad about this news as I usually go once a week for his awesome calzones. Truly bummed…

This whole issue came up in the comments last week, but sadly what happened on Friday doesn’t appear to just be about Papa Perrone. On Friday Schnitzel & Things were kicked out of their regular spot on 52nd and Lex, and Mexicue was kicked out of 55th and Lex (the same spot Korilla was kicked out of on Thursday.) We’ll be keeping an eye on who comes back this week, and hoping that the virus that spread through Midtown West last month hasn’t made its way to Midtown East.


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    They popped up last Friday? Great then they should do all of us a favor and shut down this coming Friday! No lettuce in my WSB, my bun was colder than my drink!!! and the fries were soggy! I mean how many things can you get wrong in one of the oldest known recipes in America! I think the trend is causing everyone who “THINKS” they can cook to open up a truck and start selling food. No guys find a new hobby please.

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