Sweetery Handing Thousands of Freebies Today

Today, Sweetery has two trucks handing out thousands of free goodies around town courtesy of The Weather Channel. Truck #1 is scheduled to be on 7th & 53rd until 9:30am before moving on to 3 other spots in Midtown. Truck #2 plants to be at 42nd near Times Sq at 10:30, and then on 50th btw 6+7th at 2:30. You can see the complete schedule here, but make sure to check their Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


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    They’re in front of our office right, handing out brioches only.

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    How’s the brioche? Worth the trekking out? Is the truck on Broadway right now?

  • I had the croissant and my wife had the chocolate brioche. (both were good) – I’d like to check out the orange brioche as well. Also, tweet while you’re there and they’ll give you a free Sweetery/Weather Channel t-shirt. (XL only)

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    I just stopped by the TS location. Blueberry whoopie pie and ice-cream sandwiches there. I didn’t know about the tweet, so didn’t bring my phone with me. Bummer…

  • Did they run out early? I stopped by with a friend at 4:30pm and there was just the truck with no window opened and a bunch of promoters just milling around. We tried asking where the treats were but were just told that if we tweeted where we were, we could get a t-shirt. :(

  • truck 1 was nowhere in sight on 7 ave / 35 st @ 2:50, so i headed up to 50th / 6th where i caught a mini ice cream sammy (chocolate chip cookie, ice cream from steve’s). tasty.

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