Eddie’s Pizza Truck Now Has Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie

A few weeks back, Eddie’s Pizza Truck and Cart began carrying some dessert… ┬áchocolate chip cookies supposedly being baked fresh on the truck. The day I stopped by the cart, they were not freshly baked, but wrapped in plastic but that being said, the cookie wasn’t a complete let-down. The massive, chewy cookie tasted fresher than most packaged cookies and there wasn’t any chemical preservative aftertaste. My only big gripe was how few chocolate chips were involved. I love the cookie itself, but chocolate chips are what should make a chocolate chip cookie. But considering how big the cookie is for only $2, I suppose I can overlook the lesser amount of chips for an otherwise nice dessert.

The truck can be found on 46th at 6th today. As always, check their Twitter (@EddiesPizzaNY) or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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  • ha, info I could have used prior to 1pm. That pizza takes forever to make and I am not sure I am a fan of how it tastes. The $10 combo is a great deal though.

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