Eddie’s Pizza Now Serving Pesto Pasta

Eddie's Pizza Cart
Last week, Eddie’s Pizza Truck (and Cart) started offering a new side, Pasta Pesto. I’m not usually a fan of cold pasta salads, but I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with pesto lately. I know that most people are stopping by Eddie’s for their own bar pie, but sometimes you want to add something onto your lunch, and this is a fantastic side to be offering. It also might be a little more refreshing in this hot summer heat than some other cart offerings.

Pasta Pesto
The container holding the salad isn’t that big, I’d say you get about a half pound of packed in pasta. I liked the shreds of cheese on top-when I warmed it up my leftovers later, it got all nice and melted. The pasta tasted fresh, chock full of basil goodness, and not too heavy on the oil. It’s pretty much the last thing I’d ever buy off a cart, but I wouldn’t mind getting it again to supplement my lunch. At $5, it’s a bit on the pricey side-I’d been happier if it was a $1 less, or if you could get it as part of a deal with one of their pies.

The cart’s down in Chelsea for the rest of the week, but they’re scheduled to have the truck in Midtown today (46th btw 5+6th) and tomorrow (on 52nd btw 3rd+Lex). As always check their Twitter (@EddiesPizzaNY) or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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