At Lunch Now: Potbelly is a 25 Minute Wait

Potbelly Sandwich Shop, the Chicago transplant whose first NYC location opened Downtown last month, opened their second location today on 44th btw. Lex+3rd and as expected the crowds are no joke despite some pretty nasty heat (they were giving out water to people in line, though).  It took me about 25 minutes from getting on line to leaving with sandwich in hand.  Glorified Subway?  Only time will tell.  Were you there?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments…


  • We saw this line going out of the door and just kept on walking to Num Pang.

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    “Glorified Subway? Only time will tell.”

    What do you mean? Didn’t you just get a sandwich there? Why do we need time to tell? You just tried it. Tell us if it is just a glorified Subway or not.

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    Every time I walk by the Potbelly down in the FiDi there’s a line stretching out the door and it’s been open for three weeks. People love this place.

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    How much is a sandwich?

  • Is it really worth it? Meh.

  • Signature sandwiches are $5.80 (with tax, $6.50?)
    Favorites are $5.50.

    It is somewhat a glorified Subway although the bread doesn’t have the odd smell that Subway bread has. And I liked their hot peppers…with carrots.

    Nice seating areas, quick pick up meals and online ordering. It’s a NEW choice. Will I eat there everyday? Probably not.

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    I had it yesterday. It tastes just like Quiznos. The bread has that unnatural fake taste and feel of Subway bread as well. If you took a bite of a potbelly sandwich and then a bit of a Quiznos sandwich I doubt you could tell the difference.

  • everyone’s being too snobby…its a good sandwich…the end.
    i got the wreck..with chips…and an oreo shake for $11 even…not a bad deal in my books.

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