Lunch Links (The “That’s What Amazing Falafel Looks Like” Edition)

Falafel innards from Taim Mobile. Photo courtesy of Tasty Eating.

  • Is that really a line for the Bapcha cart!? [Eater]
  • What a good Midtown lunch week looks like [Wined & Dined]
  • Check out the Korean/Chinese food at Food Gallery 32 [Bionic Bites]
  • Taim Mobile is the real deal [Tasty Eating]
  • Energy Kitchen is planning a major expansion [Eater]
  • Two Park Ave is lashing out at the surrounding food trucks [DNAinfo]

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  • haha. So funny. I saw that line too the other day. No, it wasn’t a line for Bapcha. It was some “passport” thing, someone in line told me.

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