Oceana Lobster Cart’s “Smooshed” Cookie Is My Kind of Treat

Smooshed Cookie

When Oceana (49th btw 6+7th) opened their lobster cart last week, I was less interested in the lobster roll (too expensive!) and more interested in the cookie they’re serving! I stopped by the other day just in time to snag one- it turns out the cart closes up promptly at 2 o’clock. The “Smooshed” cookie ($2) is a mix of oatmeal cookie dough and chocolate-chocolate chip cookie dough smooshed together before baking. As a long-time fan of oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies, I figured this would be good.

The cookie is full of butter making it large in diameter, but thin from spreading. Even with the thin-ness, the cookie is chewy and quite toothsome from the oats. The chocolate dough isn’t very heavy on the cocoa or the chips leaving the oatmeal to be the prevalent flavor. Considering the size and price of the cookie, I’d say this is the perfect deal for an afternoon snack, or REALLY good for making into a ice cream sandwich!  It’s a little too late to score one of these today, but I know where I’ll be just before 2pm tomorrow.


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    I’m not sure why everyone is knocking Oceana’s lobster rolls, but they are $1 less than the rolls from the truck, are basically the same size as the rolls from the truck, and are delicious. Plus, there never seems to be a line, so Oceana is definitely my choice when I am craving a lobster roll.

  • I had one of these today and it was great. The cookie is the only thing worth stopping for.

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