Pret Introduces a Summer Light Menu

Pret Summer Light Menu
Of the chains that populate midtown, I admit that I have a soft spot for Pret (what can I say, I love their chocolate croissant). The other day as I was walking around Rock Center I noticed that they’ve added a “Summer Light” menu with new sandwiches and salads and returning soups like gazpacho and Pea and Mint soup. But I was most intrigued by their buffalo chicken hot wrap ($6.49) which was comprised of Murrary’s grilled chicken, marinara sauce, sweet chili dressing, romaine, blue cheese, and “Pret seasoning” in a tortilla wrap. Marinara, chili dressing and blue cheese? What? It would either be an abomination or kind of awesome, I couldn’t resist.

Pret Buffalo Chicken Hot Wrap
The wrap tastes like the sort of thing a frat boy might come up with after a rager. So wrong and yet the Marinara/sweet chili dressing/blue cheese combo was strangely compelling. The wrap itself is a a standard tortilla, that was tender rather than tough. You can find it in the warming case (though I got mine at the start of lunch just as it came out of the kitchen). All admit the warm lettuce inside was a little odd.

Inside Pret Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Not a sandwich that I’d want to eat all the time (or necessarily more than once), but I can see that it could be enjoyable after a night of drinking. Still for the over $6 price point for a light on the calories and not particularly large wrap, I think I’d rather hit up the Comme Ci, Comme Ça Truck for more bang for my buck. Pret regulars, is there anything on their summer menu that deserves a look? Let us know in the comments.

Pret a Manger, Multiple Locations (website)


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