Eater’s Taco Round Up Ignores Midtown

Yesterday Eater posted a list of the Top 12 tacos in New York City, and we couldn’t help but notice the gaping hole in the middle of their map.  So you don’t like El Rey del Sabor?  Fine.  But no Tehuitzingo! Or La Rosita!  Hell, even Toloache could have been on that list.  Where’s the Midtown love, Eater?  UPDATE: What’s that?  It’s a list of NEW tacos?  Oh.  Neeeeevermind.  :-)


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    It was a list of new tacos. So ERdS and Toloache couldn’t have been considered. Looks like La Rosita is over a year old as well as is Tehuitzingo.

  • I assumed that at least one of the food truck tacos (Mexicue, Big D’s, Korilla, etc) would make that list as well.

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    I didn’t love Korilla but Mexicue is great but perhaps not “new” enough. I love the update Zach.

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