Rock Center Jacques Torres Now Serving Ice Cream Sandwiches

Jacques Torres

When Jacques Torres opened his store in the Rock Center Concourse earlier this year, I was a bit sad that they hadn’t set up a freezer for storing their AWESOME ice cream sandwiches. Jacques Torres ice cream sandwiches are the best and biggest among those available in New York. I don’t even want to think about the calorie count, it’s Epic Meal Time stuff. And then last week they dropped the bomb that the Rock Center store is now equipped with a freezer, and had received its first ice cream sandwich shipment on Thursday!

Wicked Ice Cream Sandwich

On Friday, the options available were Vanilla, Mocha, and the Wicked Chocolate, chocolate ice cream spiced with Ancho chilies. Feeling in the mood for spicy sweetness, I went with the Wicked. Since my sandwich was in a deep freeze, it takes a few minutes to warm up, just enough time to find a spot upstairs in the Plaza. Once warmed, I found a nice chewy cookie with creamy, slightly spicy and very chocolaty ice cream. The freeze actually helps the sandwich keep its shape, no ice cream managed to squeeze out and all over me. At $5.50, it is the most expensive ice cream sandwich around, but it’s probably the only one that can seriously count as a lunch. Mine did.

Wicked Ice Cream Sandwich
The sandwiches are packaged at the DUMBO store, so you should call ahead if you want something in particular. They will be getting shipments as often as possible, and are hoping to carry the strawberry and caramel flavors soon.

Jacques Torres, 30 Rockefeller Plaza Concourse, 212-664-1804


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