Sensebowl Shutters, Disgruntled Employee Takes to Yelp

Sensebowl Shutter

Last week, Glaze Teriyaki owner, Paul Krug, wrote in lamenting that ML newcomer, Sensebowl, has been closed the past 3 out of 4 weeks that he’s tried to lunch there. I stopped by on Friday during lunch time to find out what the deal is, and found that Sensebowl was indeed closed. There was a sign on the front door that simply stated, “Closed for the week”, and there didn’t appear to be any renovation going on when I peeked inside.

To make things more spicy, there seems to be a disgruntled ex-worker who’s taken to Yelp, accusing the owner of withholding wages. It certainly seems like stormy waters for Sensebowl, and for the time being, it looks like everyone will have to get their “Momofuku meets Chipotle” fix somewhere else.


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