Contributor Stalking: (The Meet Us All In Person Edition)

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (We’re even easier to stalk this week – see us all at the Midtown Lunch 5th Birthday Party on Saturday)

Behind the scenes at Robicelli's.

Donny’s photography project got him in the kitchen with the Robicellis, Brian is polling readers on who has the best bagels in town, Brownie made a ridiculously cute cake for her little one’s first birthday, Blondie stuffed chocolate chip cookies with oreos and I’ve become obsessed with Instagram.

Elsewhere in the ML Universe, Andrea shelled out $17 at the new Luke’s Lobster, Jamie discovered Nicaraguan food in a South Philly grocery store and Zach gorged himself on fries topped with carne asada, crema and guacamole.

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