Omar’s Will Celebrate Grand Opening Next Week With a $5 Special

While Omar’s Kitchen & Bakery has been technically opened for a few weeks now, we received an email announcing their official Grand Opening next Wednesday, June 8, when they’ll be selling every meal, including a soda and pastry for just $5 (cash only) all day long. Sounds like an amazing deal.

Donny reported last month about the great Mediterranean food at Omar’s, which is owned by Cowgirl Catering, the same folks behind ML favorite Gourmet 53. I stopped by to snap some photos and check out the scene. And since I’m always up for eating, I figured why not sample one of their pita sandwiches.

Donny raved about their grilled meats, but I wanted to see how they’d do with falafel. The sandwich was a reasonable $4.75 and I took it to go. The idea of eating inside the shop was not a possibility because it was sweltering in there. I don’t know if their air conditioning wasn’t working or if they don’t have one at all. But I’m pretty sure I lost 10 pounds just waiting for my order.

My only disapointment came with the lack of fillings accompanying the falafel. Aside from sauces, the only offers were lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. I wish there were some pickles or cabbage or something. Some extra crunchy textures would have helped. Other than that, it was quite good. The orange hot sauce was more tangy than spicy and I really enjoyed the earthy tahini sauce (which was served on the side). The falafel themselves were not perfectly round, but each bite had a miraculous crunch without being greasy. It gave way to a slightly sweet, tender center.

Based on the flavors of the falafel and Donny’s glowing review, I may find myself at Omar’s quite often, especially on June 8. Yet I’m not sure I’ll venture much further into the restaurant – at least not until they get some cool air blowing or October comes. Whichever happens first.

Omar’s Kitchen & Bakery, 154 E 55th btw. Lex+3rd, (212) 207-8302


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