Luncher Formz Takes Down Coolhaus’ $20 Skyscraper

Last week we casually mentioned Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck’s skyscraper challenge (it’s a $20, multi-layered, ice cream sandwich that they’ll give you for free if you can finish it by yourself.)  And in what should be surprising to nobody, a Midtown Lunch’er stepped up to take on the beast.  Congrats to Lunch’er Formz for being the “first ever New Yorker to take down the skyscraper”. Way to represent for the ML community! He was kind enough to send us a photo of the 4 story “building”.

The Coolhaus Truck is at the Zagat Food Truck Frenzy event today, but should be back in Midtown tomorrow on 44th & 6th.


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    Not to take anything away from Formz, but I imagined it would be much bigger when I saw the $20 price tag. If a two-story sandwich is $8, shouldn’t a $20 sandwich be at least 5-6 stories?

  • Its 5 scoops of ice cream total. Its over a foot tall. But it did only take me something in the neighborhood of 8-10 minutes to eat the whole thing. And no, I’m not fat!

  • Congrats formz!!!!!!

    Is there a time limit or seomething? That’s not even the size of a reese’s pieces sundae at friendlys! looks like 5 cookies/4 scoops. That’s a snack! A large snack, but a snack.

  • This is going to last for a week or so more I bet….Are you allowed to do it every day or multiple times per day?

  • Sweet!!!! Literally and figuratively! I need to try this! I wonder how fast I can house this. i think the only thing stopping me would be brain freeze! I did a 1 1/2 lb burger in about 4 min or slightly, and that was me taking my time with at least a 20 plus second break to chat. This should be a cakewalk—an icecream cakewalk!

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    congrats Formz good job. They are going to increase the price and size within the next week, that challenge is way too easy.

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    What flavors did you choose? But in the end, everything is just all mixed up. Congrats!

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    Just judging from the picture, this doesn’t look like a huge challenge. I’ve never had 5 scoops of ice cream in one sitting before (only 3, and that was not on a challenge), but I can easily take down 6 cookies. Since there’s no time limit I’m guessing you could let the ice cream melt and then chug down the resultant liquid should you start to get full/sick in the process (and not want to shell out $20).

  • I predict that once word gets out on this challenge, it will be retracted quickly. If you let that ice cream melt a bit (or all the way), that’s a pretty easy challenge (as eating challenges go).

  • This is the same challenge that the LA truck AND austin truck have had since their inception. I think they know what they’re getting themselves into bringing it to NYC.

  • It’s not a challege, it’s dessert! lol

  • Challenge accepted.

  • Ha, they are gonna lose a fortune on this deal if they don’t add a time clause.

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    I don’t think the truck is losing much money. Look at all the conversations this has stirred on this website!

  • What’s the edible wrapper?

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    The diabetes is free too. – Debbie Downer

  • There is now a 10 min time limit–it took me unofficially 5 min.–possibly less.

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