Wichcraft Celebrates B’day With $8 Combo

I guess we’re not the only ones celebrating a birthday!  Get a full list of ‘wichcraft locations here.


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    ‘witchcraft? Nope. I’ve tried a number of their “classic” sandwiches, and they were all terrible.

  • what are their classic sandwiches? it’s not noted on the menu.
    The one good sandwich they had (mozz, tomatoes, olives), they just recently replaced with the shittiest sandwich i have ever had in my life (it actually makes me throw up in my mouth thinking about it. It involves butternut squash.

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    We used to get ‘witchcraft sandwiches free at my office. The chickpea one was surprisingly good and I also really liked the goat cheese sandwich. Although, maybe they tasted so good because they were free.

  • I’ve never been to wichcraft but I did see that you had the cookbook yesterday…I would like to try it. And that’s a fantastic deal!

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    Here are the classics: http://www.wichcraftnyc.com/classics

    fried eggs
    chunky pb&j
    pole-caught tuna
    free-range chicken salad
    goat cheese
    roasted turkey
    slow-roasted berkshire pork

  • I just returned from my lunch there…
    Lemonade had little to no sugar in it. Who does that?!
    My sammy (the turkey/bacon/avocado) was very tasty but the whole deal did little to fill me up.
    Thusly, who pays full price for such a little amount of food?
    Wealthy waif-models?

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    I second all that.

    Maybe they used a smaller roll? Tasty at least.
    Still wishing I got the iced tea.

    I also thought the original flyer I saw advertised a cupcake, which is a far better value, but maybe I just imagined that due to the picture of the cupcake.

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