New Jamaican Truck “Sunrise Grill” Hits the Street

Thanks to Lunch’er Hengde for sending along this report about a new Jamaican truck that popped up recently called “Sunrise Grill”:

My coworkers spotted this last week when I was away and we tried it today. It’s hard not to see – they have an electric moving sign that displays everything from a smiling sunglass-clad sun to the various menu offerings. They park on 37th between Broadway and 6th, 2 spaces in front of the Ecuadorian Truck. We tried the oxtail and the curry goat, and both were freakin fantastic.

All of the mains come in either $7, $9, or $11 size portions, and they have a few other menu items, including beef patties which aren’t listed on the menu. The entrees come with rice & beans and a nice salad with cabbage, carrots, and plantains.

The oxtail was soft, moist, and came right off the bone, not spicy but amazingly seasoned. The curry goat had just a little zip too it, not really spicy but great flavor, and not too many pieces of bone. I’m looking forward to trying out the jerk chicken next time. This is going to give some real competition to the Ecuadorian Truck, which has similar offerings, but I think Comme Ci Comme Ca won’t be feeling much pressure as it’s offerings fit a different niche. The only downside of the truck I can think of is the $7 portion didn’t really fill me up (there were 6 pieces of oxtail, rice, and cabbage in a 6×6 inch foam container, the more expensive sizes came in larger containers), where as $7 rice platter from the Moroccan Truck or Desi Truck give you a little more. Of course you can always go for the larger sizes too though. But the quality of the food and flavor really make the Sunrise Grill stand out.

Looks like Jamaican Dutchy and Jerk Pan have some competition! Has anybody else tried this truck yet? Let us know how it is in the comments.


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    Oooh! This is right next to me. I hope that they offer a good alternative to the rice and beans, since I don’t eat it.

  • I’m two blocks away and passed the truck on my way to the Ecuadorian truck. You can’t miss these guys, they have a huge bright sign if you’re walking east on 37th.

    I think I’m going to take a shot at the jerk chicken, I feel the need for something insanely spicy and I’m hoping they don’t hold back.

  • no deetz on the IRON BALL PORRIDGE?!?

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    Big thumbs up from my lunch group. The jerk chicken, goat and ox tail were all good and the medium portions were worth the $9. The ox tail and goat were nice and tender and flavorful, definitely going to take some business from the Guatemalan cart. And they’ve got an array of hot sauces you can choose from to spice it up.
    I was able to get the cabbage salad as a substitute for the rice which was also tasty.
    Will be going back there often.
    Be careful handling the bags though, the oxtail stew spilled all over and created a mess in the bag. Also the guy who you pay and bags doesn’t take off his greasy gloves when handling the money and bags.

  • Went today as well. Quite a queue for already cooked food, but not bad. It’s cheaper than Golden Krust. I do miss my vestigial plantains that they provide. I had the oxtail and it was good. I will go back one day for the Jerk chicken.

  • Update from last week – my co-worker and I got the last two orders of jerk chicken at around 1:30, 1:40ish which was when we ordered. They were also out of beef patties.

    Two guys run the truck, looks like a father-son operation. The son is on the ball, the father seems to be a bit hard of hearing or not fully there. He kept asking us what we ordered, at least two or three times. I ordered two festival dumplings and got zero, but wasn’t charged for them either.

    They do have Jamaican sodas – I can vouch for Ting and ginger beer.

    The jerk chicken is amazingly flavorful and just spicy enough. I would have hoped for more sauce but if we were literally the last to get it, it can’t be helped. The cabbage was perfectly done and not at all soggy. The rice and beans were flavorful.

    A small order looks like a few parts of chicken but more than enough rice and beans with cabbage to fill you up. I’d only hope for more sauce. I will definitely go back to these guys in hopes of getting things right, and getting me some festivals.

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    I’ve been eating at this place 2-3 times a week this month when I took a job nearby. All the food is great and I also get plantains, cabbage salad, and rice and beans along with my meal. I order the $9 portion and get two beef patties (one for the wife) as well. Sometimes a bottle of Ting comes along for the ride. You can have the food as spicy as you like. Just ask for the hot sauce sitting in the window. The scotch bonnet sauce has a very nice kick. I use to go to the Golden Krust in Newark when I was there but this is so much better.

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