Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck Returns Today


I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical when I started reading about Coolhaus’ ice cream sandwiches. Sure, the reviews were great, and yes, it’s hard to find, but $5 for an ice cream sandwich? Do I look like I’m made of money here? Blondie’s endorsement tipped the scales and last week I decided to give this LA originated truck a look-see.


I saw they were packing Brown Butter Bacon Ice Cream courtesy of the ML Twitter Tracker, unfortunately they were all out by the time I got to the truck. Wah, wah. I consoled myself with Dirty Mint Chip ice cream sandwiched between Double Chocolate cookies.

Coolhaus menu

The ice cream sandwiches are made to order and you can choose from a selection of cookies and ice creams to make your own combo. Ice cream sandwiches run $5 and a double decker fetches $8. The ice cream skyscraper (they don’t even divulge how many deckers are involved) is $20 or free if you finish it yourself (ML Challenge? I’m looking at you StreetMeasOnsumer3008).

Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re a mint chocolate chip fan, this sandwich is freaking spectacular. The ice cream is a vanilla base with real mint leaves and chocolate bits, so it has a clean, fresh taste. The cookies were soft, chewy and mega chocolate-y.

My only complaint is the sandwich, how shall I put this…it lacked structural integrity. From the above pic you can see there’s some melting action going on. When I sunk my teeth into it the roof and floor collapsed as the melty ice cream seeped out the sides. There are no photos as I quickly demolished the wreckage and my hands were too sticky to take any additional snaps. This could be due in part to a busy day and the ice cream already being melty from continual freezer opening throughout the afternoon, but considering it wasn’t particularly hot, this could be a problem when the temperatures finally start rising. Forewarned is forearmed…just make sure you have some napkins.
With endorsements like Lunch’r Formz “Just got back from CoolHouse. Had the red velvet cookie with the balsamic fig and mascarpone cheese ice cream. Holy. Fuck. That was the best thing I’ve ever eaten from a truck.” I anticipate that they’ll have a very busy summer. I know I’ll be making return trips.

They are scheduled to be at 52nd and Lex from Noon-10pm today. Use the secret password: “Beekman Tower” to get $1 off if you buy 2 sandwiches. As always check the Twitter Tracker or their twitter @coolhausny before you go for any spot updates.


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    I went to them the first day they parked in midtown last week. I got the red velvet ice cream in between two double chocolate chip cookies. It was melting faster than the speed of light and I didn’t get to finish the entire thing since I also bought cookies and brownies for my friend and I. Part of it is still in the freezer at work waiting for me to relieve it of its existence.

    I think that even though it’s $5, it doesn’t bother me so much, because there’s just so much of the sandwich. To me, this would be my lunch for the day so I would not as if it was $5 gone to waste. Not like that $10 pork travesty in the other post.

  • I had the brown butter bacon ice cream with double chocolate cookies. The ice cream was certainly creamy with a little bit of smokiness from the bacon and nuttiness from the browned butter. My sandwich fortunately did not melt on contact. I even walked 2.5 blocks back to my office. It only started melting when I got into the elevator.

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    Too messy. I found it hard to enjoy my sandwich when I was busy balancing drips, and softening ice cream shooting out the sides. The potato starch paper wrapper they say is edible doesn’t taste good or do anything to hold it together. People in front of me who ordered different flavors seemed to do better with their ice cream choice.

  • Brownie, I can definitely eat the skyscraper ALL BY MYSELF. No time limit? I can DEFINITELY do it!!!

    Are you giving me money to eat it too? Otherwise, I might have to pass to along to other food blogs on my victory. :P

    Dairy doesn’t love me after a while though I love consuming the hell outta it.

    Do I dare? I certainly do!

  • Went to Coolhaus yesterday and was pretty disappointed with the cookies – the samples they had out were dry and stale, and the cookie flavors they had didn’t go that well with the ice cream flavors of the day. I skipped the sandwich, and got the white peach bellini sorbet in a cup, which was delicious and refreshing in such hot weather.

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