Get $1 Burgers at Goodburger Again Today

Planning on a late lunch today? Here’s something that will go perfect with those free cupcakes from Sweetery… it’s Wednesday, so once again Goodburger will be selling single burgers with the works for just $1 from 3-5pm. Limit 5 per person, for in store purchase only.


  • On my way in a few (Union Square). Will report back in after I chow down.

  • OK, about 12-15 people in line @3:30 when I got there, about as many waiting in line. Took about 25 min to get my order. By 4 pm, there was no line and very few people waiting for orders, so the turnaround would be much quicker.

    Burgers were good, a bit dry but tasty, well-charred. Great $1 burger, no doubt!

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    I have went the last two weeks to the 8th ave loc. @ 57th st. The staff is very friendly, even though I only get 1.00 hamburgers , however I find the burgers to be bad. The meat has no flavor at all , as someone who does like to eat burgers , I think i would just assume eat the bun and all the fixins then the bad meat.
    I would rather have McD’s cheeseburger , not even taking into account the discount.

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    I go to the one at 55th and Lexington and they always cook the burger to a perfect medium with just enough char. It’s not the most flavorful beef around, but definitely tastes WAY better than any fast food chain “burger”. Also, goodburger makes great onion rings.

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