Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck Launches Today

4 days ago Midtown had zero lobster roll trucks, today it has two!  As promised last week the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck launches today, and, unlike Luke’s- which went right into the belly of the beast- RHLP is going to do a little road test on the outskirts of Midtown.  They’re planning on parking somewhere near 26th and Park (Midtown’s loss is Flatiron’s gain!) with a menu that is fairly similar to Luke’s.

Check it out after the jump.

(we had to add on a bit for sales taxes!)
All served with Brooklyn Brine Pickles!

Lobster Rolls – $16.00
Maine with our homemade mayo
Connecticut with butter

Shrimp Rolls – $8.50
Cold Water Maine Shrimp whit a roasted garlic and tarragon mayo

Cape Cod Chips $1.50
Maine Root Soda $2.25

The Hook-Up:
Lobster Roll, Chips, Soda or Water $18.00
Shrimp Roll, Chips, Soda or Water $11.00

On the way…lobster salad, Robicellis Whoopies and Cupcakes!

Check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker for location confirmation… they promise fast moving lines!


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    I wonder how they both measure up against each other. Wow, $18 for a set meal…

  • I scored a lobster roll….no line at all. It was kinda skimpy compared to what the luke’s one looked like. Tasty though, but not 16 dollar tasty…..

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    The truck must be new, they had a stand at the Tribeca Film festival fair. (lobster roll was $15) Rickshaw dumplings brought their truck over.

  • Huh? I drove my ass all the way over to Brooklyn (lol) to try Red Hook Lobster roll for no reason? They are now bringing the lobster roll right to me?

    I tried this last summer when I found myself knee deep in a lobster roll obsession. It wasn’t my favorite one being offered in NYC, but it is darn good. The store does have the attraction of being so damn close to Baked (yes, to appease my lobster roll AND cupcake obsession!).

    I am not sure if the truck ones are any different, however the one I bought in BKLYN last summer had too many scallions for my taste. It kinda overwhelmed the lobster flavor. Who knows. Maybe I got heavy-handed-Sally that day.

    Luke’s, Lobster Pound, and Urban Lobster are the cheapest lobster rolls the city offers (unless you count one chowhound’s contribution of 3 for $12 rolls at Stop and Shop in Forest Hills! LOL). I hope both the lobster roll trucks can’t find parking anywhere near where I work, or I am seriously gonna go broke this summer.

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    I’ve had this roll in Brooklyn and the 16 bucks actually includes the chips there.

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