Korilla BBQ Truck to Compete in Season 2 of “The Great Food Truck Race”

Korilla BBQIt seems just like yesterday that the Korilla BBQ truck hit the streets of NYC, serving up Korean tacos to grateful lunchers across the city. Now they’re hitting prime time, as contestants of the upcoming season of “The Great Food Truck Race”, which will premiere August 14. Whether or not you’re a fan of Korilla, these home town heroes from Queens definitely deserve support from New York. Let’s show those Californians how we roll! [via Eater and Grubstreet]


  • I don’t usually root for NY, but…..beat those west coast bastards, and that random one from Ohio.

  • I hope they do well. They make great stuff. The challenge on that show is to make a lot of great stuff outside their comfort zone. Hopefully it works.

    • I’ve actually never really watched a full episode of that show (blame it on my ADD). What other stuff do they have to make?

      • it wasn’t so much that they had to make other types of food. but who makes the most $$ in each city that they go to. one of the challenges to doing that of course is how and where they source the food.

        The only time i remember them having to make sometime other than what they normally do was the finale. Nom Nom was asked to make burgers and Grill ‘Em All had to make banh mi.

  • I’m psyched one of my favorite food trucks is entering! I will be pulling hard for them!

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    Oh wow, this is amazing. I was skeptical of this truck at first but the food is great. That tiger logo is awesome, he looks like a hungry kitty.

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    I was up until 2am watching this show as much as I cant stand doughboy Tyler Florence. I hope they beat those Boston morons.

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