Miss Softee’s Birthday Cake Cone is a Nice Little Treat

Birthday Cake Cone

One of Miss Softee’s new specials this season is the Birthday Cake, and with the recent mild weather promising a hot summer, it’s should definitely be in your ice cream rotation. And that can totally happen because this isn’t one of those fancy decadent specials.  Only $3, it involves vanilla cake mix being sprinkled on your soft serve to give it that birthday cake taste. Apparently this is what a very famous cold marble franchise uses to make their batter ice cream. After the dusting, Miss Softee tries to get a few sprinkles to stick on there. This is the perfect little treat if you want more than a cone, but don’t want to go over the top. It’s been offered pretty much every day since the beginning of the season, but double check Twitter before you head on over.

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