Spiced Potato Hero from Little Morocco is Spicily Good

Little MoroccoWith so many rainy and gloomy days now, I have grown to treasure any bit of sun we get. So whenever it’s nice out I try to have lunch at Bryant Park. Most recently I found myself standing in front of the Little Morocco cart while waiting for a friend. I quickly remembered the three new heroes that were just added to the menu few weeks ago. Since Blondie had tried the kofta and the lamb merguez heroes, I decided to give the spiced potato hero a try.

I guess between the time that Blondie went and when I went, they decided to raise the price. She paid $4 for each hero but when I was there they were $5.

Spiced Potato Ball Hero from Little Morocco

The hero was loaded with about 4 to 5 fried potato balls, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, parsley, hot sauce and white sauce but the hot sauce is what hits you at first. It wasn’t overwhelming but having some water with you while you eat this is probably a good idea. The spiced potatoes were great but if you’re expecting something crispy with a croquette like outer shell you might be disappointed.  They’re fried fresh to order, but don’t end up getting too crunchy.  Either way I wouldn’t mind having this tasty hero again.

Little Morocco, NE Corner of 39th and 7th Ave.


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    Are these heros available everday? I went by there about 2 weeks ago and he said he didn’t have.

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    Is there a menu posted with these new items?

  • I asked Omar and he said he will be putting a new menu/sign on the cart in the next few weeks. He is starting slowly and making sure people like them and want them to be regular items before he loads up. The potato one is my favorite. I actually mixed with Kofte for a meat and potatoes hero which was fantastic.

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