Little Morocco’s New Heros Are Unsurprisingly Great

Before yesterday, I think I was the only member of the ML team that hadn’t visited Little Morocco (NE corner 39th+7th). It was on the opposite side of town from my job, and since that’s over with, I can finally check out what this Omar is serving up. Luckily for me, he added on some new heroes to his menu this week: kofta, lamb merguez, and a spiced potato hero (I forgot the name too). Since the potato wasn’t ready yet-it should be available today-I only got to taste the other two, and I have to say it was impressive for $4 and off a cart.

Kofta Hero

First off, both of the heroes come on a whole wheat roll, and they take a few minutes of preparation. Those of you who prefer life on the milder side of spicy, you should ask them to go easy, or not at all, on the hot sauce. The first sandwich I tried was their homemade spicy kofta: tender slices of meat sandwiched with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato chunks, and cilantro. Though the meat slices are thin and cooked on the flattop, you get them with a little bit of juice left which makes for a nice sandwich. Even with the cooling fillings, bread, and white sauce, the spices in the meat and sauce keep this sandwich on the high end of spicy.

Lamb Merguez Hero

Once my mouth cooled down a bit from the kofta, I proceeded onto the other sandwich, the lamb merguez. Just like the kofta, the lamb was tender with a bit of juiciness. Since it was not as spicy as the other sandwich, I was able to taste more of the flavors and spices from the meat, and it had just the right amount of flavor to it, not too gamey. Of the two, I definitely enjoyed this one more mainly due to its milder nature, but both are delicious and big enough for a good lunch.

Little Morocco, NE Corner of 39th and 7th Ave.


  • The problem with the sandwich is that it’s wrapped in foil before it’s sliced in half. The delis learned years ago to wrap in paper before slicing and then to package in foil for insulation. When you slice through foil you end up tearing off little pieces that end up in the sandwich. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like seeing centimeter-sized pieces of foil in my food, as I did with this sandwich. They have to fix that.

  • I had the Merguez yesterday. It was excellent but you are right. He did cut the foil but there were no buts that came off. I will tell him today and he will either add paper or cut it before he wraps the foil. He’s pretty receptive to constructive criticism.

  • Bits not buts. Edit Button where are you?!?

  • Sorry Blondie, I haven’t been to Little Morocco yet.

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