Free Korean Food Truck

The “Taste of Korea” Food Truck hits the streets today for the first of 5 weeks worth of free food giveaways from 9 different Korean restaurants to promote Korean food in NYC. This week it’s free food from Danji, and today they’ll be parked on 40th and 6th giving out bulgogi filet mignon sliders from 11:30am to 2pm.  Check out this week’s schedule here.  [via Grub Street]


  • GO. NOW.
    On my way to work, I passed by the truck, so I decided to check it out.
    I was early to work, so I got on line before they opened. I only waited 10 or so minutes, but the line quickly became very long after me.

    Here is the days they will be in midtown: all 11:30-2pm
    4/18: Bulgogi Filet Mignon Slider – Bryant Park (40th St. at 6th Ave)
    4/19: Spicy Pork Belly Slider – 52nd St and 6th Ave
    4/20: Short Rib Slider – Columbus Circle

    I had the bulgogi filet mignon slider and it was
    f$%^* delicious! Too bad Danji is out of midtown lunch price range and too bad they don’t have these on the regular menu.

    Oh I wish this truck was a regular, real food truck. These sliders were so amazing!

    The meat was tasty, the kimchi provided an interesting juxtaposition to the meat, and there was something a little crunchy on there that sealed the deal – the bun was nicely toasted, perhaps it was that? I gobbled the slider and was immediately daydreaming, wishing I could eat these regularly. Snack sack of these sliders? Drool.

    Keep in mind, they are only giving away a small bottle of water (it wasn’t sealed, so drink at your own peril) and a small slider. Is it worth your time to wait for this? Only you can decide, but I think so.

  • This week’s Taste of Korea includes a few midtown:
    4/25: Bulgogi – Park Ave. and 59th Street
    4/26: Bulgogi – Park Ave. between 25th and 26th Street
    4/27: Japchae – Broadway at 35th Street
    4/28: Japchae – Canal Street at Lafayette
    4/29: Kimchi Fried Rice – 43rd Street and 5th Ave.

  • went today on 43+ 5 and tried tofu soup from BCD Tofu. I won the challenge for a $20 gift card!!! Woot!

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