For a Tax Day Sweet Treat, Head to D’Aiuto’s

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This year tax day is a few days later than the usual April 15th deadline and if you kick it old school and mail in an actual copy of your return you may find yourself taking a trip to the James Farley Post Office (on 8th Ave. btw. 31+32nd). My last year’s recommendation of NY Pizza Suprema still holds, but if you need something sweet to dull the pain of having to pay more taxes (or celebrate your refund!) then you might consider a stroll down the block to D’Aiuto’s.


On a recent trip I was tempted by the hot cross buns–it is the season, after all. However, I’d give these a pass on a return visit. They were a bit dense and dry.


I also scored a black and white which was serviceable–the icing was very pleasant, but the cookie suffered from dryness as well.

Your best bet is going for one of their famous apple fritters–they are the bakery that supplies Dean & Deluca and the best part is that they are only $2.25. The only downside is that they can run out, so it’s best to call in advance to make sure they have the fritters on hand.

D’Aiuto’s, 405 8th Ave, New York, (212) 564-7136


  • I love their rainbow cookies and pumpkin cheesecake when in season

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    Blondie, why no mention about the cheesecake, good or bad? From looking at your photo, the entire storefront is dedicated to “The Best Cheesecake on Earth”. Lactose intolerant?

    • I’ll have to make a return visit for the cheesecake! I should have mentioned that initially went actually to try the hot cross buns–I had read that they had some of the best in the city and I was curious. And then I couldn’t resist the black and white. I was already back at my office when I discovered that neither were all that great. But the fritter, oh, the fritter. :)

  • Yeah everyone goes to D’Auitos for their awesome cheesecakes. If you ever plan on going back there, I suggest you get a slice with strawberries on top! Mhmm, yummies.

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